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到香港必買3HK 電話上網包 無限3G上網吃到飽 HongKong 3HK sim card for Mobile Internet Access

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IMG 1748
到機場的頂層 7F (出境之後) 最重要的就是去買聯絡用的sim卡了
You can buy a prepaid Hong Kong SIM card as soon as you arrive in Hong Kong airport.

台灣網友一致推薦的 就是3HK的sim卡 保證可以上網吃到飽
It’s a little tricky to find because once you emerge into the Arrivals area of the airport, you actually have to go upstairs into the Departures area again!(7F)
IMG 1750
3HK的店非常好找 有Apple店面的風格 一眼就可以辨識出來
The shop is a 3 Shop – the name of the major telecom network in Hong Kong.

IMG 1752
裡面也有賣Apple的產品 可惜不是Apple Store 那個3的標誌 就是龍的標誌變化而來
也是代表著hk的意象 就是龍呀。

IMG 1753
去跟櫃檯 說你要買198元的3G sim卡 她很快就會知道你要買那一張
當然如果你是iPhone4 記得要跟他說是iPhone4的小sim卡噢 iPad2也是

The staff are very helpful and, this being Hong Kong, speak fluent English. They are well used to tourists arriving needing a SIM card so the process is very quick and painless. They install the SIM for you, ensure any data settings required are keyed in, explain how to check your balance, and even hand back your own, non-Hong Kong SIM sellotaped to a card so you won’t lose it. Everything works before you leave the shop ie access to email, Twitter, Google, Facebook et al.

IMG 1754
服務人員貼心的把APN要改寫在上面 如果你用的是iPhone4其實卡片放進去就設定好了  只是開卡沒這麼快

這個卡一天上網最多扣18港幣 扣到滿就變無限上網吃到飽
也是說如果沒有打電話 可以用個11天上網吃到飽

換好sim卡後要依照上面寫的電話 *127*31# 撥號過去開卡 約15分鐘時間
剛開始我也是怕沒辦法用 不過不用擔心約開卡過15分鐘如果不能用就開飛航模式重新連線就好

When the sim card get  ready, call the numbers *127*31# to registration the number.
About 15 minutes later, reset your iPhone and enjoy the internet anywhere.

IMG 1758

出機場就是 機場快線(捷運)了 相當方便!當然也可以開始用3G上網了

3 SIM remains valid for 6 months after activation, meaning that if you don’t return to HK and use it again within six months of your initial purchase it will deactivate and you’ll have to buy a new one.


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