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OpenERP CRM接收Gmail信件設定

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螢幕快照 2014 02 18 22 53 53

1. Gmail 裡面要設定成 POP,然後設定只收新信。

2. OPEN ERP -> Settings 進行設定 再測試。

螢幕快照 2014 02 18 22 55 20

3. 新收進來的信即會在 Sales -> Leads 裡面。


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2014/02/18 at 22:56

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Gmail 簽名檔正確顯示背景圖語法的方法

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1. 先做成一個 html檔,用 Chrome 開啟最適合。

2. 背景圖的部份 請使用  background=“ 指令

<tablebackground=""width="275"height="95"><tr><td> Email Content... </td></tr></table>


3. 記得要正確顯示圖片,圖片要放置於網路上,鏈接要正確。

4. 準備開啟編輯好的 html,用鍵盤全選 ctrl+A or cmd+A 再複製。

5. 開啟Gmail的簽名檔設定,貼上儲存,打完收工!




Have you tried setting the background attribute of a table?
This is the recommended method detailed in the following Mailchimp blog post: Background Images and CSS in HTML Email.


<table width=480 height=60 border=0 background=”; style=”background-color:#8cc3e4;background-repeat:no-repeat;”>

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2013/11/06 at 15:48

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Gmail的簽名檔 沒辦法使用HTML

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螢幕快照 2013 10 14 15 04 26

螢幕快照 2013 10 14 15 05 45





 螢幕快照 2013 10 14 15 32 29


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2013/11/04 at 14:17

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如何將Google tasks加入Gmail左側(換掉gtalk chat)

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Google Tasks is a light weight TODO list managing application built right inside GMail.

It’s simple user interface and nice integration with GMail system makes it very easy to track the tasks we need to do. Even though there are very popular and powerful websites dedicated to manage TODO lists, being integrated with GMail makes Google Task as my favourite.

The default user interface of Tasks provided by GMail is similar to a chat window that popup at the bottom right corner of GMail window.


How about displaying the tasks in the sidebar so that we can always see what pending in our to do list? There is no direct/one click option to display tasks on the sidebar. But it’s not hard to have it in the side bar by following these simple steps

  1. Login in GMail
  2. Go to Labs and enable Add any Gadget by URL lab feature
  3. Click the Save Changes button at the bottom of the page
  4. After the page reloads, go to Settings, then the Gadgets tab and enter the following URL and click Add
  5. When the page reloads you should see Task gadget in the sidebar


I find it more comfortable to have Tasks in the side bar rather than as a popup window in the right side bottom of the screen. What do you say?

Extra Bits

  1. You can access Google Tasks as a standalone application that renders the interface in a bigger canvas. Point your browser to and have fun
  2. If you are using a mobile browser, just go to to have a customized views for your mobile. Especially iPhone and Android guys get better user interface options.


Screen Shot 2012 04 24 at 15 32 36

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2012/04/24 at 15:33

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